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Business training

The goal of our Small Business Training Program is to equip members of the community to develop a business plan, start a new business and to support growth and sustainability of their business.

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About this program

For the training, American business owners and educators travel to Haiti to present a 5-day intensive training course to 10 pre-qualified established business leaders in the community. The training is designed to be holistic, teaching the business students business and money management skills, savings, personal health, faith and conflict resolution techniques and teaching methods. The goal is for these students to then have the ability to train other small business owners in their communities on the same materials.

Upon completion of the 5-day training course, the Haitian leaders then each train and coach ten additional community members over a 12-week period. The community leaders have access to the American educators for support. This model supports our goal to partner with communities to empower individuals with the resources needed to successfully own and operate their own small business providing sustainable support for their families and commerce for their own communities.

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Skills training

Teachers, plumbers, nurses, accountants - We need you! We conduct workshops and offer vocational support from every field to help equip our entrepreneurs for success.

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We offer educational sponsorships to provide funding for students to pursue academic and professional development.

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