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Kafe D’Ayiti Coffee

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-Single origin

-Ethically and sustainably sourced

-City Roast (light-medium)

-Notes of chocolate, floral, and nut

-Currently available in Whole Bean only

Kafe D’Ayiti is grown in the mountainous region of North Central Haiti. Our coffee cherries are handpicked and processed on the same day to ensure freshness. This results in a smooth and rich coffee with a sweetly rounded aroma. Our farmers never use chemicals in the cultivation or processing of the coffee beans and are always paid a fair price for their crop.

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SEED Coffee Co.

Coffee brings people together. SEED Coffee Co. was started with this idea in mind. Not only do we think you should enjoy your daily cup of joe, but we also believe it can be used to change lives.

Each time you buy coffee from SEED Coffee Co., you are supporting Haitian farmers and continuing the mission of Seed International. Profits from the sale of coffee are directly invested into SEED programs and help us get one step closer to our goal of sustainability through business.

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