The Market

Inspired by Haitian market day, The Market is a place to come together, buy and sell quality goods, and promote job creation. Each vendor supports local artisans and entrepreneurs which enables them to create a successful business through their handmade products. When you shop at The Market, you are not only supporting Haitian entrepreneurs, but you are also investing in SEED International and our projects.

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Haitian market day

Haitian market day is a sight to behold. Once a week, each community hosts local business owners as they fill the bustling streets with their stands, tables, and tarps. They come from miles away, often carrying their goods on their head, or balanced on a motorcycle.

Market day is not only an economic generator for the community, it is also a time for the community to come together, catch up on community news, and see friends. There are many paintings depicting market day, as it is known for its vibrant colors, interesting wares, and is an essential part of the Haitian culture.

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Our vendors

Each of our products are sourced from a social enterprise business working in Haiti. These for-profit businesses invest in the craftsmanship and quality of their products, while staying true to their social mission.

They work to empower their employees through job creation, and to improve their lives holistically through nutrition, mental and physical health care, and spiritual growth. When you shop at The Market, you are not only supporting SEED programs, but you are also partnering with local Haitian businesses.