Our mission

SEED International works in rural areas of developing nations where access to resources is limited. We aim to empower and equip individuals and communities by partnering with them in education, entrepreneurship, and development projects.

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Our roots keep us grounded

Our beliefs, rooted in Biblical principles and inspired by Haitian proverbs, make
up our core values and the principles by which we operate.


We work directly with members of the community to identify resources and solve problems together.


We thrive when we work together. Whether at home or abroad, we aim to foster relationships with those we work with. Our differences make us stronger.


We know true change doesn’t happen overnight. Each of our programs is designed to be sustainable, an investment for generations to come.


Nothing we do means anything without Christ. He makes all things come together. Whether living in need or abundance, He is our hope and our reward.

Many hands make the load lighter

Men anpil 

chay pa lou” 

1 Collaboration

Neighbors are family


se fanmi” 

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Little by little the bird builds its nest

Piti, piti, 

wazo fe nich li” 

3 Sustainability

Hope makes one live


Fé Viv” 

4 Faith
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Together we grow

We value each person we work with no matter where they are from or their economic status. We work alongside, rather than in front, and believe every new relationship we form has the power make each of us better.